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6 juices removing acnes

Acne is one of complexion problems experienced by most people, especially teenagers. Acnes will disturb your face performance. Your face will look dull and uninteresting. Maybe you have experienced when you want to come to your friend’s invitation, but suddenly there was acne in your face. It disturbs you much. So you try to cover it by using concealer or others. But it is not always successful and your acne still can be seen. You will be embarrassed because of that. There are some causes of acnes. And someone will do everything to make have acnes removed, avoiding food causing acnes and consuming medicine, ignoring whether the medicine is good for their skin or not. Trying to find medicine is still better than do nothing. But be careful in choosing acnes medicine. Otherwise, it will get worse and cause some other problems. Beside medicine, inner treatment is also important to prevent acnes such as consuming vegetable or fruit juice.  By doing this well does not only cure but also prevent acnes. You can do some ways to remove them all. One of them is consuming or drinking juice. Some vegetables and fruits contain vitamins to prevent acnes. There are six kinds of juice to prevent and remove acnes from your face:

  1. Tomato juice

Tomato has some vitamins which are useful for body’s health as well as your skin’s health. Tomato juice can clean your skin; lighten your acnes scars, as well as medicine for your complexion.

  1. Carrot juice

It also contains vitamin which is good for skin and cleans your complexion from acnes. It is recommended to drink this juice in the morning before you have your breakfast. You can also rub it onto your face to make it clean from acnes.

  1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is very useful for your complexion; it makes your face bright and clean. Squeeze the lemon. Then rub the water of squeezed lemon onto your complexion to remove acnes and acnes’ scars

  1. Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice can be a herbal medicine to remove acnes from your complexion. It also can help removing acnes’ scars, preventing of having acnes and cure some other skin’s problems. But, you have to be careful in using it because it has sap under the skin as well as purgative.

  1. Melon juice

Melon contains vitamin A which is good for body as well as skin. Consuming this helps removing acnes. So, have this regularly.

  1. Orange juice

Orange juice contains high vitamin C and antioxidant which are very important for skin’s health. You can consume it to remove acnes from your complexion. Besides, you can use it as face mask to make your complexion clean and healthy.

The six juices above contain vitamin and help you remove acnes. If you consume them well, you will get the best result. They do not only become medicines, but they also can prevent acnes from growing on your complexion, so that you will have clean and healthy skin.


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Description: Acne is one of complexion problems experienced by most people, especially teenagers. Acnes will disturb your face performance.

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