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Contemporary classic house fireplaces

Fireplace is used to make your house warm and it’s more effective rather than use electricity power.  Fireplace can be used as a house accessory. It is adapted from classic house design. But, it is frequently added to any house design and concept; modern, classic, minimalist, contemporer, etc.

Fireplace is not always used. It is usually used in cold weather or rainy season. It is very useful when you live in mountainous area where the weather is very cold. It’s more natural and save more energy.

A good fireplace is usually flared and big. It can be placed indoor (dining room or bedroom) or outdoor. To make it more useful, it must be designed well to make our room not only warm but also stunning.

The followings are some designs to inspire you in making a indoor fireplace:

  • Attractive colors

The colors of ceilings and its shelves must be bright colors to make it more live.

  • Unique ceramics

The materials can be from ceramics to make it brighter and reflect the fire so that you can see the fire while you are laying on your bed.

  • Sea world inspiration

It can be made of sea shells. It can be placed in the living room and looks more natural. You can add some concrete materials and some stones.

  • Small fireplace

You can put your fireplace in the kitchen. You usually spend some of your time here cooking and having meals. Therefore you have to have something that you want there; beautiful garden view and fireplace.

  • White nuance

You can have white and grey colors for your fireplace. You put it in the living room. It looks more elegant and luxurious to welcome your guests.

  • Carvings

You can cut woods and carve it  and add them to your fireplace. It will be more artistic and classic.

  • ocean blue color ceramics

you can design your fireplace with ocean blue color ceramics. It is more fresh and antique.

  • Fireplace with a mirror

It is a good accessory for your fireplace. It looks more shining when you put a mrror on the fireplace.

  • Harmony design

You have to pay attention more to any details in your fireplace to make it more harmony. You can put big frame around the antlers, add with smaller frame in the middle. You can also add an antique glass dome.

Not only indoor, fireplace can be placed outdoor. It’s getting popular now. You can also have warmth outside your house. T is called fire pit. Fire pit is outdoor fireplace.

First that you have to prepare is you have to choose fire pit you interested in. There are some types of fire pit based on the materials it made of. Some are made of iron, cement, or bricks. You can choose either according to your house exterior design.

Iron fire pit is usually shaped like a table with some iron chairs. If you have traditional theme of your exterior design, you can choose cement or bricks fire pit. It is more artistic and classic. 

Next, after you have decided the fire pit type, now you can add some accessories around the fire pit, like hairs. Chairs are used to sit when you are gathering with your family or your friends to feel the warmth outside your house. Choose chairs which are matched with your fire pit.

Finally, you can place the fire plt any places outdoor, around your house. You can place it near swimming pool, in the garden, outdoor bar, etc. It gives good decorations for your exterior design.


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Description: Fireplace is used to make your house warm and it’s more effective rather than use electricity power.  Fireplace can be used as a house accessory.



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