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Elegant bedspread for your home

Luxury and elegant bedspread is what mostly people dream of. They look luxurious, expensive and comfortable. You will be satisfied lying on your luxurious and elegant bed. How to get elegant and luxurious bedding? Using striking color bed linen can be the answer of the question. The followings are the tips to match the striking color bed linen with the bed in order to get its luxury.

  1. Motif

Choose classic motif to get the luxury. You can also use flowers and spots motif with golden color to make it elegant and luxurious. Never use character motif because it will lose the luxurious impression.

  1. Bed

Use the higher and stuffed bed in order to be luxurious and comfortable. Place the position of your bed in the middle of your bedroom and paint it with the same color as the wall. The bed is made of wood.

  1. Color of your bedroom and bed linen/bed cover/blanket

Put darker color for your wall to give focus on your bedding color, for example, maroon, navy blue, brown. It combines with striking color of your bed linen. You may also use the combination of dark color and light color between bedroom wall and bed linen. It looks more elegant and luxurious. If you put dark color for your wall, you can use light color for your bedding like white or beige. It looks more relaxed, comfortable, and modern. Or you can do in vice versa, light color for your wall and dark color for your bedding. You can also choose simple color with little motif or natural motif. To make your bedding prettier, you can put a bed lamp at the side of your bed.

  1. Bed linen material

Choose the cotton materials for your bed linen or bed cover. It is smoother, soft, cool and comfortable. It must be anti-lice.

In addition, there are some ways to make a wonderful bedspread based on your character:

  • Classic

If you are person who like something classic, you can have white bedding. Use white color for your bed linen, blanket and pillow case. To avoid boredom, use different texture of fabric, for example, white bed linen, knitted blanket and matelassé pillow case.

  • Elegant

Bedroom reflects the person’s character. Combine deep blue color, gold, and white or other dark colors to give elegant impression on your bedding. Choose other different geometric motifs for your blanket and pillow case. And choose white color for your bed linen.

  • Feminine

Do you like something pretty and beautiful? Give floral touch to your bedspread. Choose bright color like pink or magenta for pillow case and blanket. Use white color as the basic color to avoid too many live colors.

  • Adventure

A person who likes adventure usually likes something ethnic. Beside on clothes, ethnic can be presented in bedding. Choose pillow case and bed cover with ethnic motif such as tie dye or BATIK with matching colors to other furniture.

  • Feminine VS Masculine

You can combine Feminine and Masculine theme. Feminine touch can be presented through chiffon pillow case with embroidery decoration. While, if you want to present its masculine, choose something simple and modern or choose neutral color like grey and silver.


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Description: Luxury and elegant bedspread is what mostly people dream of. They look luxurious, expensive and comfortable.

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