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How to overcome insomnia?

Insomnia is experienced by many people. It can be caused by too much thinking. Never think this as a simple problem because it creates some other problems. Insomnia can happen to the young as well as the old. If you experience this, it’s quite difficult for you to get sleep well at night.

As everyone knows that sleep is daily routine that must do in order that your body will take a rest after doing some activities. By sleeping, your body will be freshen and ready to do some activities the next day. For those who get insomnia, it is better to avoid consuming sedative pills. Because the long term use of these drugs can give you bad effects to your body. The followings are the tips how to solve insomnia so that you can sleep well at night.

Be active every day is the first tip. By doing activities at day, you will get tired at night and sleep well then. Avoid being lazy during the day. If you do so, you will be frefreshed at night and reluctant to go to bed at night. Next, facilitate your room with air conditioner. In order to have good sleep, there are  some people using air conditioned room, or fan then cover their body with blanket to get warmed. So they will easily get sleepy. Feel relaxed is the next tip. Before going to bed, let your brain relaxed. You can do some ways to make your brain relaxed; meditation in order to make your brain and body relaxed, take a bath with warm water. Warm water can flex your muscles so you can easily get sleepy. Pay attention to your food consumption is another tip to solve insomnia. Before going to bed you had better avoid consuming food that disturb your sleep, like having a glass of coffee or other kind of drinks containing caffeine. Caffeine can disturb your sleeping habit. Switch off the lights is also a good tip to avoid insomnia. When you are sleeping, the lights must be off. It will make get asleep immediately. The next tip is not to get stressed. Don’t think about your work problems or other problems. It relaxes your brain and go to sleep. Drinking a glass of tea before going to bed is also believed to make your body relaxed and soon get asleep afterwards. Furthermore, listen to music can also make you sleepy. Some researchers found out that music rhyme can make someone easier to get asleep. The body will be relaxed. You will sleep well. The next tip is do light exercises 4 hours before going to bed, for examples, cycling, running, and brisk walking. Counting is also a good way to make you sleepy. According to a newest research, slowly counting or say something in order can make you easily get asleep. Shut down all electronic devices while you are sleeping is another tip. You had better shut down your gadget, switch off the light and other electronic devices which can disturb your sleep activity. The last tip is make a tight schedule of sleep at night. Go to bed at the time at night. Don’t be too late. If you have a regular schedule of going to bed, you will automatically feel sleepy in that time. It’s very good four body and brain. You will be refreshed and ready to do activities the next day.


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Description:  Insomnia is experienced by many people. It can be caused by too much thinking. Never think this as a simple problem because it creates some other problems.

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