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Southwestern rugs

Rugs are usually used for covering floor or decoration. There are many kinds of rugs. The most popular one is Southwestern rugs. They become popular because of its wonderful color and design. Because the rugs are getting popular, most designers use and buy them online.

By choosing Southwestern rugs in your house, you can feel as the village western or unique native population of America in your house. You can put the rugs on the floor to cover your ceramics or wooden floor or you can use it as cabin decoration with country theme. Then, you can see the character of Southwestern in your house.

When you want to put them in your house as the decoration, you will have so many choices because there are some kinds of Southwestern rugs available at the market. These rugs have a certain history which develops from time to time and it is appreciated as an art work.

The most popular kinds of Southwestern rugs are handmade rugs, spirit rugs, Mexican Guadalupe rugs, Mexican Oaxaca rugs, including Indian Zapotex rugs, Mohair and Navajo rugs. Each kind of carpet combines beautiful colors and has a certain character, symbolizes history or spirituality. For example, you can find a good combination of colors and design on spirit rugs. Spirit characters used in these rugs are presented in many patterns represent and express someone’s spirituality.

Nowadays, there are many modern Southwestern rugs coming from Spain and Native American who work together to create one design of Southwestern rugs with rich earth tone colors and it becomes a good choice as the decoration in your house.

The Southwestern rugs are popular with bright colors and complicated design: geometric, flower or picture. The variety of colors and patterns depends on where they come from, city, country or tribes. The best rugs usually last for 30 to 40 years.

If you want to have good Southwestern rugs, you have to buy them from American company or from Navajo, American weavers. You will be more satisfied and you also support them to preserve American heritage.

Your choice on Southwestern rugs depends on your interest and what decoration that you have in your mind. You will have a perfect Southwestern rug when it combines with western house decoration or country house.

Function and style are important factors when you want to have Southwestern rugs. The rugs do not only cover the wooden or ceramics floor, but they also give comfort for your bare foot. They also function as the absorber to reduce the noise in your house.

Whatever your decoration in your house is, if you put these rugs, you will enjoy the richness of color and the warmth of Southwestern rugs. Of course, they must be matched your furniture.

There are some tips how to decorate your interior with rugs:

  1. Choose natural material

Use the rugs from natural materials. It is soft and neutral without giving exagerated decoration. These rugs can be placed in any kinds of decoration themes.

  1. Use the rugs as the barrier

You can use the rugs as the border between one room and another. For example, you have living room and dining room with no barrier; you may use different color or different pattern rugs to separate the two rooms. It visualizes more exciting room.

  1. Pay attention to the size

One common mistake is choosing the right size of rugs for e certain room, too small or too big. If you want to put the rugs in the living room, for example, you have two choices: choose big rugs covering all furniture (table and chairs) or small rugs highlighting furniture (a small one on the coffee table).

  1. Pile rugs

Do you want to have your house interior design more personal and different? Pile rugs design is the best choice. Prepare two rugs; one is in neutral color while the other is in the color matched with your room. You can combine neutral and bright colors for fancy room, or neutral and neutral for elegant room.

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Description:  Rugs are usually used for covering floor or decoration. There are many kinds of rugs. The most popular one is Southwestern rugs.

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