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The meaning of baby crying

Crying is one of many ways how a baby communicates to others. That’s why baby frequently cries. A baby cries because of some reasons. As a mother, you don’t want to see your baby feel uncomfortable and crying. Notice their crying and solve it immediately. These are some causes why a baby cries:

  • Because they are hungry

One characteristic of crying baby who is hungry is opening their mouth giving a sign to have a breastfeeding.

  • Because their pants or diaper are wet

Wet pants or diaper make them uncomfortable and cry. Try to look at their pants or diaper when they cry. This does not happen to all babies. But most babies have this experience.

  • Because it is too cold or too hot

Newborn baby like to have warmth. They usually cry when they feel too hot because of their thick clothes or they feel too cold. So, do not put thick clothes on them. It makes them feel too hot and uncomfortable.

  • Because they want to picked up and hold them in your arms

Babies are really happy when are hugged or held in their parent’s arms. Do this sometimes and try to communicate with them. Give your big smile to them in order to make them happy and comfortable.

  • Because they get bored or it is too noisy

Babies will get bored or dizzy when they are in the crowd. Many people pinch their cheeks, try to communicate with them even tease them. Too noisy voice of the people laugh and chat sometimes make them tired, bored and cry, although they feel happy at the beginning.

  • Because they get sick

When babies are not feeling well, they tend to cry. To know this, you can measure their body temperature with thermometer or notice their pee, cough, or flu. When you are sure that your baby is not sick, take her or him to a doctor to get a good medical treatment.

  • Because they get colic

When babies cry continuously for three hours a day and it happens at least three days a week, they may be get colic. Gas in the babies’ stomach makes them uncomfortable and crying. It’s quite hard to make them stop from crying. It can happen to baby of less than three months.

Colic is caused by too much is available in babies’ intestine as the less digestive enzyme needed for food digestion. Colic can also be caused by food consumed by mother as it is not suitable or sensitive for the baby. And for the babies who consume instant milk, there might be some protein which is not good for the baby’s digestive system. The feeling of too happy and too scared can cause stomach problem and colic.

To solve this problem, there are some ways that a mother can do: show them your love by kissing them or hugging them, putting them in your arms and sing them some songs. Then, put them upright position in your arms while patting their back calmly to release the gas in their stomach. Put a towel which is already soaked in warm water on their stomach. Beside towel you can use a rubber bottle which is filled with warm.

When babies cry, you have to give quick responses, for examples, come to them, hug them, and carry them. Slowly response will make them worried and it affects their emotional development.


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Description: Crying is one of many ways how a baby communicates to others. That’s why baby frequently cries. A baby cries because of some reasons.


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