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أضفيت على الحسن العبقا فالورد تضوع وأعتنقا

حسّن يا رب لنا الخلقا طهره فلا يحـــــــوي لزقا

واجعله يقلد في صبر للهادي في حســـــــن الخلقا

حسّن يا رب لنا الخُلق فالعبد بأخلاق ســــــــــبقا

في جنة خلد مقعـــــده في قربك أحمد ملتــــــــحقا

من كان له خلق حسن سيكون الأقرب في الرفقا

كم أثنى الله على خلق في أحمد أصدق من صدقا

قد أدّب ربي مرسَله هو أكرم من ربي خلــــــــقا

هو رحمة أمتــــه أبدا وسراج النور قد ائتلـــــــقا

خلق القرآن شميــلته فضل الرحـــمن بـــــه رزقا

You are in the beautiful firm position
Like the flower which blooms unfolding the fragrance around
Oh Allah, increase our akhlaaq being much better
Much purer, much cleaner, and not having unwise attitude

And make it similiar to Muhammad’s (phuh) akhlaaq, in patience
Being patient with others for the sake of Allah
Oh Allah make our akhlaaq much better
The servant with good akhlaaq proceeds in success

In the everlasting jannah
Close to you Allah, Ahmed (pbuh) is there
And those who have good akhlaaq
Will be the closest to him (pbuh) in paradise

Many times Allah praised Muhammad’s (pbuh) akhlaaq
As he (pbuh) is the most truthful unfeigned one
Allah chastens his messenger (pbuh)
He (pbuh) is the best mannered one created by Allah

He (pbuh) is merciful to his ummah forever
And he is the light that shines beautifully to mankind
His perfect character is the akhlaaq of Quran
And was gifted to him (pbuh) from Allah the Merciful

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