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Humans are social beings who are always interacting with other people. Humans need to interact with others, either with family, friends, or other groups. As social beings, humans always need the best friend or friendship with someone who he considers a friend.
Friendship Be Love
Meaning A Friend

Human companionship of course different from the other creatures of God because man is a creature that has a mind and thoughts. Friendship intertwine as the mutual compatibility between the two.

Since childhood, someone has been introduced with the name socializing. From there someone know what is the name of friends. Starting from the family environment. A child has a parent who also became a friend to tell a story. So is the brother or sister, as a friend to play at home.

When a child out of the house and find a new, more spacious environment, the attitude of socialization will grow. Children have started to get acquainted with their peers or even with people who are bigger than him.

The attitude of confidence arises when a child is to know more people and have a lot of friends. Once they have a lot of friends, they began to choose friends who are always close to them, which is then used as a friend.

Friendships were forged as a child will usually continue until they grow up. Friendship is a tangle between two or more people who can bind kinship.

Many people consider friendship with a friend, like a brother because of their proximity. Since we are brothers, sometimes carried over into adulthood, so brotherly more closely.

Friendship is not restricted between men and women, but most people were friendly in accordance with the same sex. Perhaps because it is more comfortable and the same type, so that they understand each other.

Make friends with the opposite sex was, it could not hurt. As a child we used to play and make friends with anyone, including the opposite sex. However, friendship with the opposite sex during adolescence or adulthood often bring a form of love, so many are experiencing friendship into love.

Establish Love with Friends

Friendship into love relationships have often occurred. This can occur due to various factors. Maybe when someone was a child, there is no love for the opposite sex, that there is only love for family and friends.

However, with age and more extensive interaction, someone began to recognize the feelings of love for the opposite sex. It is common in humans because it is human nature to have a sense of love and affection.

In addition, there are several reasons that lead to friendship turned into love. Here are some reasons that make the opposite sex friendship turned into love.

1. Know Good

Friendship is usually established after a few years to know each other and make friends. In the introductory period lasts about 1-2 years, automatically we evaluate what we like and do not like about the friend. If the value of the things that we like more, the friendship will be increased to friendship.

Friendship makes us know all about the many friends, and vice versa. Things that are very personal even taboo in society about the friends we know. The longer we know her best friend and a plus in our eyes higher, a sense of love and love will emerge over time

2. similarity

Generally we make friends with people who have a lot in common with us. Commonalities that lead us often spend time with friends. Due to the similarity and togetherness will emerge love because we suspect must be comfortable and pleasant to live together with people who have a lot in common with us.

3. Attention

Because friends know a lot about us, he can give a lot more attention than in people who do not know us. He not only knows the important dates, such as date of birth, but also know the habits, strengths, and shortcomings. Knowledge is the key to a better attention. Of course, everyone is happy to get attention. And, that’s the concern that in the future to grow in love.

4. Frequent Share

One man’s social needs is a friend to share. And, we most often share with friends, especially if there is a problem. From sharing this so we know each other traits, attitudes, and behaviors friend. Some traits, attitudes, and behavior of friends is likely to foster a sense of love in our hearts.

5. Physical Contact

Due to frequent together with friends, physical contact such as holding hands, touching very likely to occur. Physical contact with friends will quickly responded by nerves and body, giving rise to a special impression. If physical contact is the first time with the opposite sex, the impression will be lasting long in our memories.

So, about say love a matter of time. Friendship that turned into a courtship or marriage is not taboo and could happen to anyone. However, for those who fall in love and turn friendship into love, need to remember these things.

* You must be serious, not to mess around when it says love. Mere fad will only change your friend into a foe. One enemy has more than 100 friends.

* Tie the love relationship in marriage, so you and a friend are free to do anything. Things that are taboo even forbidden to be transformed into worship.

* Fixed friends if she refused your love. It could be friends want to remain friends only, with no love like lovers. You should always be ready with this possibility.

* If he refuses, still keep secret your friends. Do not disassemble the secret that could cause him embarrassment. How ever you have trusted and keep trust it forever.

If you are not ready with the points above, the better you remain friends only. If you want to make friends as a spouse, ask for His guidance and you still have to be ready if the friend said no.

Do not ruin your friendship because because your love is rejected. Maybe your friend is more comfortable dealing with you as a friend. A friend that never gave up at any time.

Since small, you are taught to live a good relationship with others. Even today, in the schools of learning in existing programs of national character, one of which is friendship.

Never assume your relationship with your best friend was just an ordinary friendship. Despite growing the seeds of love, but keep your friendship with good until whenever.

Friendship that we have with our friends do not tampered with our behavior is wrong. Very hard to get a friend that we can make a friend. So, keep a good relationship with our friends until whenever.

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