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Illustration of how to use the washing machine

For some people, washing clothes is a bit tedious job, especially washing clothes by hand. Domestic work is to be heavy because it must be done manually and requires us wet at least 30 minutes. However, technological developments make laundry easier affair. Washing machine makes light work of washing clothes drying.

How to Use Washing Machine Together Couple

All that thanks to the development of technology that always put the needs of the man himself. Indeed, the technology invented by humans for humans and so it was very natural that the results of such technology can be enjoyed by humans.

Such as the creation of a washing machine which greatly facilitates all human work. One does not need to feel aches or back pain when sitting too long only used for washing. It is also used for washing time can be interspersed with other homework if there is already a washing machine. It is very practical and meaningful once the presence of a washing machine.

The presence of a washing machine in a household that is super busy or has a very high workload is an oasis in the desert. It will be able to quench the thirst of a very precious time to waste with washing activities.

How to Use Washing Machine

Currently, a washing machine is available in a variety of models and sizes. You can choose a washing machine that suits your needs. Before buying a washing machine, you should know how to use the washing machine. There are several steps that you should know when trying to wash clothes with washing machine.

The purpose of the ordinance washing using the washing machine so that the washing machine can be durable when used and obtain maximum cleaning results. Indeed, sometimes there are some types of people who heed the call of the user who is already there in the washing machine. When in fact all it really hurt himself.

Here are some steps that must be done before washing clothes using the washing machine.

1. Check shirt

Checking pocket in the shirt and pants have become routine one must do when they wanted to do the washing process using a washing machine. Although it sounds frightening as is often carried out by the security forces during the examination ID card but it is very important.

Check shirt or pants pocket, is there certain objects such as paper money / metal, sheets ticket, or ticket. Activity check is a must do by someone who uses the washing machine. All that for the continuation of the washing machine itself and the results of the washed clothes.

If a shirt pocket or pants pocket a hard object or metal objects such as coins or the like of course it is very dangerous for a washing machine. No metal objects that could cause the washing machine was broken, especially in parts that are designed for play clothes.

Moreover, if the washing machine used is a washing machine that uses a material made of plastic. Friction metal or hard objects that exist in your pocket and pants will be able to rip or even damage the tube washing machine itself. Metal objects can also damage clothes may be a favorite shirt.

Gazette ticket or a ticket or bill notes that should be used as the report is also an important thing. Let us not lose a moment to watch a movie or movies because the couple had purchased tickets destroyed in the washing machine. It could also destroyed the harmony along with the destruction of the ticket. Hopefully it does not happen the unwanted things.

Therefore, conducting the examination contents pants pocket or even a loss is not a profitable thing. If it is the provision could be sometimes find money from the husband’s work.

2. Separate Clothing

Sort the white clothes and colored clothes, wash white clothes separately from colored clothes. The goal is definitely in order not to contaminate clothing colored white clothes.

It is possible that colored clothes will fade when washed well using the washing machine or by regular hand washing. Therefore, it should be separated when they wanted to wash, although sometimes it seems so complicated and slow work. But once again remembered a proverb that says willing umbrella before it rains“.

Prevent the occurrence of a white shirt exposed smearing colored shirt is the easiest thing than sorry for not being able to wear the clothes just because lazy separating during washing.

3. Users Whitening

Use a bleach solution only for white clothes. The goal is clear that white outfit will look more white and seemed to wear new clothes. Use bleach on colored clothes instead give poor results because the existing color clothes can be washed out.

Thus washing results are given bleach on colored clothes will give results become striped shirt and unpalatable color. Though the clothes are new clothes and a favorite shirt. It would be very disappointed at all because it was not used.

4. Check Fabrics

Activity check clothing is a routine activity when washing clothes. Clothes made of wool, spandex, silk or other similar materials do not soaked.

when Washing

We recommend using a special detergent for washing machine or ordinary detergent can also be used for the washing machine. Power washing detergent washing machine has been specially adapted to the condition of the washing machine and does not damage the tube washing machine.
Add detergent to taste, because too much detergent can damage the washer. The condition of the water you use also affect the amount of detergent to be used.
Wash clothing with a number that corresponds to the capacity washing machine. The amount of clothing that exceeds the capacity of the washing machine will reduce the performance of the washing machine.
Once the clothes rotated by the engine, open sewers, let the detergent solution to flow out.
Add more water to rinse and allow the engine to rotate the clothes again for a few minutes. Dispose of rinse water. The laundry to dry.
Check the drying section, if there is dirt or powder detergent, wipe before drying clothes.
After passing through the drying, clothes ready aerated to dry perfectly. Avoid direct drying in the sun so that the colors remain bright clothes.

Together wash Couple

How to use the washing machine above is fairly easy to do. You’ll want to read the manual instructions how to use the washing machine that is included in the package. Different types of washing machines sometimes also different washing steps.

If you wash a couple, some other benefits you can get. When washing, you and your partner can exchange stories or confide to each other. Communications will be able to work better between the two couples.

Communication is the beginning of one’s relationship with her partner can be tightly or more brittle and shattered blown by wind kegoisan to be dust. There have been many examples of several couples who separated or more lasting because of communication.

Although sometimes it is trivial but has exceptional properties to glue a relationship. Activities carried out with the wash together despite washing machine will make two people are able to communicate and find a way out of any problems it faces.

There is little pranks and jokes gurua little that can occur when a person of conducting wash along with her partner. Of course it is a good thing that can and can provide fresh air for the harmony of both.

After a day both are outside the home with kesibukkan respectively, then this could be a very good effort to maintain the harmony of a household. Wash together is not a taboo that must be done by a woman alone, because a man can wash and remember a large effect given when washing along the harmony in the household.

The trivial activities into a communication medium and becomes very significant, especially when the number of dirty clothes mountain. Washing clothes is not only a wife working area. The husband also had to intervene as a form of awareness and shape affection toward his wife.



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