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What do you know about insurance? Insurance may be associated with a variety of things, one of which is the issue of cost of education. A mother complained about the cost of entry kindergarten in an educational foundation, is expensive at all. More than that received from her husband once a month. Each year more and more expensive cost of education alone.
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Education of children is a top priority in the family. How happy parents, after working hard for a living can send their children to higher education. But, it is still not easy. Fund a child’s education should be prepared as early as possible.

Many ways to prepare funding for education. One of them emerging in today’s society is education insurance. There are so many insurance companies that offer insurance education programs. Shape, condition, or the amount offered was varied.

Importance of Insurance

Insurance is your investment and family, by investing the funds in the form of premiums paid in accordance with the agreed period of insurance companies. There are usually paid once a month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. You alone will determine when the funds will be paid and the investment period. You can calmly plan for children’s education in the future.

Funds that have been stored, will be refunded by the insurance company in accordance with the agreement. There are insurers who offer the program returns a number of funds, such as funds for your child’s education when a certain age or when they will enter education. Example: when your child is 7 years old, will enter primary school education, you will receive the amount of funds that can be disbursed. These funds can be used for school fees and other.

excess Insurance

Compared with savings in banks, insurers offer more guarantees. If the insurance is currently running, you experience a disaster, can not work anymore or died, and can not pay the insurance fund more then insurance companies continue to provide these funds at the time of maturity. Your money will not be lost and you can still get a guarantee of funds until the agreed time.

Choosing an Insurance Company

Make sure you choose the right insurance company and trustworthy. The funds we invest not small funds, especially in the long term. Therefore, we should be able to choose the right insurance company. Tips for buying insurance products:

* Insurance companies experienced. You need to survey first before deciding to buy the product. Many insurance companies currently do not guarantee all experienced and trustworthy.

* Type of insurance. There are two types of insurance are growing, conventional and Islamic insurance. Both insurance differs from profit-sharing system.

* Payment type. Education insurance can be paid by using the amount or other foreign currencies. You can specify options, adjust with the funds you have.

* Time Payment. Period of insurance payments vary depending on the desire, there are once a month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Well one of the types of insurance that can be selected is the Takaful. Here’s his review.


Now, in Islamic economics, we not only know the Islamic banks, but also known as Islamic insurance. As all know that insurance is a form of protection an economic value. The economic value of human beings can be seen as a source of economy. Yes, people can make money, services, or goods or objects that have economic value (car, house, etc.).

Well, then what kind of an important foundation in Islamic insurance? Here’s his review.

Important runway Takaful

Discussing about Islamic insurance, there are a number of important foundation explaining why the Islamic insurance is required. Here it is the cornerstone importance.

* In this life, there must be a risk and uncertainty. In the sharia, the statement is reinforced by the letter Lukman verse 34, and no one is able to know with certainty what will be earned tomorrow, and no one knows where he is going to die on earth, Allah is Knower know“. (QS. Luqman: 34)

* We all as human beings are obliged to help each other and help each other. This is consistent with what is written in Surat AlMaidah verse 2, and helping each one of you in doing goodness and piety, and do please help in sin and transgression. And fear ye Allah, verily Allah is severe in punishment . (QS. AlMaidah: 2)

* Human beings who have faith once recommended to plan a future for himself and his beloved family. This is in accordance with the AlHasyir verse 18, O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and let every self pay attention to what he has done for tomorrow, and fear Allah. Surely God is aware of what you do .

So, what distinguishes Islamic insurance with conventional insurance? Here’s his review.

Differences with Conventional Insurance Takaful

After last review of essential foundations of the Islamic insurance, here there are also some things that must be considered good when comparing between the Takaful and conventional insurance.

* Fundamentals of law and philosophy is operational or earn Allah’s approval Awt., So it is a dimensionless with the world and the hereafter. In contrast to conventional insurance is not required to have an operational legal philosophy hereafter.

* Fundamental laws and operations are also based on the Koran, hadith, and also positive law. Meanwhile, conventional insurance wearing only positive law.

* Management within its organizational structure has DPS (Board of Trustees Sayriah) in charge and serves to ensure operational, investment, management, and the company’s products do not deviate from the teachings of sharia.

* The accounting system in the form of preparing the report open, ranging from dumber funds, use, and zakat. Unlike the conventional type which does not require disclosure of the accounting system.

* Product types of sharia deliberately designed to be free of gharar (something that is not clear), gambling (in the form of speculative), as well as riba (interest).

* Operational risk management is based on the principle of risk sharing (share the risk) among them. Meanwhile, the conventional type has the concept of transfer of risk (risk transfer of the participants to the company). Consequently, the proceeds be changed hands, from the participants to the company or to the company.

* Operational management of investment funds available on the instrument system based on sharia. Special stock Indonesian sharia in the country can be seen from the data in Jakarta Islamic Index. Meanwhile, the conventional type are free to determine the investment instruments.
* Operational risk claims payment source is derived from tarbaru fund account, the funds are intended and in sincere right from the beginning to the social interests or mutual help among participants takaful (to bear) in the event of a disaster. Meanwhile, in the conventional type, these funds can be seen in the ratio of risk versus capital or RBC (Risk Based Capital).

Thus, it can be concluded that the Islamic insurance company has a corporate culture based on Islamic law. The funds collected are the rights of the participants, while the sharia company is only obligated to hold the mandate to manage it. While they do that, the conventional pliers funds collected automatically become the company so that the company is free to conduct its investment allocation.

Well, it’s time you choose an insurance that suits your needs.



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