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Indonesia is a predominantly agrarian livelihood as a farmer. So many islands and the mainland make agriculture growing very rapidly.

Support climate and good weather is also a factor driving this sector advances. To increase agricultural output, using the tools and agricultural machinery is the best solution.
Maximizing Function Equipment and Agricultural Machinery
Technology can not be separated in the human life. The presence of technology can simplify the entire field of human life. So is the case with the field of farming.

With the use of appropriate technology, every process in agriculture will save a lot of time and effort. Of the results obtained will also be the maximum again.

Various Equipment and Agricultural Machinery

Starting from the processing of land, agricultural tools and machines can already be used. If the ancient farmers harness the many animals such as buffalo to plow rice fields, the current use of tractors would be easier and more efficient.

The use of the previously dominant hoe can be reduced portion, so that the power pack can be supplied to the farmers’ other work. By using a tractor, plowing rice fields can be done quickly and more knowledgeable of land that could be hijacked.

For the process of planting, there are also some tools and farm machinery that can be used. Spread of plant seeds can be done by using a machine called a seeder. Process for watering seedlings can also use the tool. To irrigate the fields, farmers could use water pumps to draw water from various sources such as rivers and lakes.

After the implantation process is complete, the next step should be done in the process of planting is fertilizer application. There are tools and farm machinery that can assist in this process.

The device is a fertilizer spreader. With this tool, farmers will be able to spread fertilizer on plants with more evenly. And of course it would be more practical way than the way fertilization manually.

To prevent disease and pests, it is necessary to process the spraying of pesticides. This atomizer can help alleviate the work of farmers in combating pests.

Once the plants have reached the time of harvest, the harvest process can also be done with a variety of tools and agricultural machinery. This harvester can help in collecting rice yellowed. After that, the crop can be collected for further processing.

Yields have been collected and then entered into a tool called threshing. There are also tools and agricultural machinery intended for other types of crops such as corn, soybean, and others.

The threshing process can run quickly. Yields inserted only into the tool, the machine will separate between rice and rice straw.

The price is Expensive

There are many more tools and farm machinery that can be used in the farming process. But unfortunately because the price is high enough so that not all farmers are able to use different tools.

For that need government intervention to help the funding and capital to farmers so that their lives become better again.



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