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The first kangaroos in Australia live in the rain forest, eat only insects and about the size of a large rat. They developed from the type of possum that fell from the trees to forage on the forest floor. Today, 500 g musky rat kangaroo our smallest kangaroo still has in common with the ancient possum: for example, the big toe to grip and grooved pads on his feet.

larger kangaroo

There are many types of small kangaroos in Australia, although most people only see and hear the people are great. Many small kangaroo species, such as Burrowing and brush tailed bettongs, are in danger of extinction because of sheep, cattle and rabbits eat their food and tall grass which they use for shelter from predators such as foxes and feral cats.

Some of the larger kangaroo, like a big red 90 kg, has been assisted by the farm and boring dam put in by farmers means that they can live in the drier parts of the country, and they love a good short grass grazing livestock left. The kangaroo is in danger of extinction.

Kangaroos hop is a very unusual way for large animals to move. If you try to jump on the road in the same way, you will become very tired, very fast! There are several reasons why kangaroos are not tired, even when they jump as fast as 65 km / h: they have strong hind legs that can save a lot of energy, and when they jump, their innards and in;, flop to pump air in and out of their lungs and muscles save them a lot of work.

Kangaroos are marsupials, which means they are raising their children in a bag like koalas and wombats. In good condition females of some kangaroos (for example, red) almost always pregnant. Two days or after the joey is born, her partner again.

he could produce different milk from different dot for young and old joey. And when there is a bad drought this kangaroo stop breeding until the rain came and improved food supply.



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