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In the world of printing, printing machine has developed so rapidly. For those of you who want to or on business printing, you also need to explore a variety of printing machines that are currently sold. Why you should follow the development of the printing machine technology?
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This question may sneak into your mind. Yes, why should keep abreast of the world of printing machine. After all, the existing printing machine and has been owned now is enough. Can produce good prints. If you still think this way, be careful, why?

Because developments out there already so developed. Moreover, when speaking in the world of digital printing machines. Tools and the engine was very very sophisticated. Nowadays, people can print books, t-shirts, pins, magazines, mugs in the number of units and very fast, within a matter of minutes can own company.

If you do not follow it, of course you do not have a place of business in the eyes of consumers. They will choose a provider or a printing company that could do with a good and fast printing. If you are still the old printing machine process and plus the quality is not good, it will certainly not be abandoned?

For it is well recognized that existing printing machine. Here are some picture printing machines that can learn and use:

1. maker pin

If you are a budding entrepreneur with capital that is not too much try to start by recognizing mesih pin maker. Today in store printing machine machine price is about 1-2 million. You can buy it, certainly can with money alone or joint with your friends. Start your business with this machine. Today, many children of school or college kids who love trinkets smelling this pin. So, start doing business by making the pins with a variety of sizes for them.

2. T-shirt printer machine

If you have money that bad, try buying a t-shirt printer machine. If you have this printing machine, you can start a business with profits up 100%. The price for this T-shirt printing machine about 4-5 million. Calculation business like this. To purchase shirts around 15 thousand units, for printing purposes (ink and paper) about 5 thousand. Well, if you are selling shirts for $ 40 thousand, you‘ve been for 100% not?

3. The digital printing machine

If you have money or a large capital, just buy a digital printing machine. It costs about 30 millions. With this tool you can print books, posters, stickers by unit. Imagine, you can print the book as a unit. Of course this is a distinct advantage Bagis your business.

During this time, if the printing of books are usually a minimum of 200 books. Imagine you can print a single book served. Of course, people will flock to use your services or business.

From this article you already know the various printing machines and their impact to the business. Now stay you choose the printing machine you want to buy, of course adjust to your pocket or bag. Success always!



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